The program is designed to be highly interactive and participatory, using a combination of techniques, including small group exercises, large group discussions, and individual reflection. By the completion of this workshop participants would have grappled with and shared an understanding of the personal choice-making that precedes being part of a team; described a vision for their part of the organisation; practiced its principles to guide their understanding; developed an agreement and created both individual and collective plans to realize this vision and monitor its progress in themselves and the organization.

Effective organizational or team performance is based on a clear understanding of the shared goals, strategies, and work plans, along with the individual roles and responsibilities of team members. Equally important are interpersonal qualities of trust, communication, and mutual accountability. Working in tandem, these two perspectives determine a team’s ability to achieve and sustain high performance, making team building a necessary companion to the operational and programmatic efforts of organizational capacity strengthening.

Great Teamwork is Even More Critical in the Non-Profit Sector

Yet team development is something that is often ignored within organizations or projects. Staff usually have little conscious awareness of the skills and tools needed to nurture supportive collegial relationships. Leaders and managers are rarely prepared to understand the dynamics of team formation and staff motivation or respond appropriately to the emerging needs of a team. Too frequently, conflict is either ignored or suppressed, attributed to individual differences and difficulties. As a result, internal team process can become a liability to performance, leading to low productivity, low morale, and high staff turnover. However, with increased awareness of basic skills and tools for addressing common challenges, these same dynamics can be turned into a source of continued team enhancement.

 Lead Facilitator

button-titoTito is a naturalist at heart, a biologist by training and a facilitator by profession. Tito founded the non-profit SSTCN – Student’s Sea Turtle Conservation Network which for the past 26 years has been working towards sensitizing people about the environment. For more than two decades, he owned and operated, DreamCatcher, an Outdoor Education Company running some of the earliest “Outward Bound” style programs in India. Tito worked with Greenpeace as the Fundraising Director in its early years in India and is on the board of the Samarthan Trust and responsible for its community fundraising project – You can connect with him on his linkedin-small page.

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The program is designed to be highly interactive and participatory, using a combination of techniques, including small group exercises, large group di…

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